Is your business pedaling towards success?

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” ― Benjamin Franklin

Every business owner starting off on the entrepreneurial journey is full of energy, ideas, vision and dreams. A business owner’s preparedness, knowledge, ability to plan, review and adapt along the way speaks volumes about the business, its results and success.
Do you ever feel thrown off when someone asks you about your goals, tangibles or a plan? Maybe some days your responses are along these lines…

“I have it all worked out, I think.”
“Well, I didn’t consider that.”
“I’m not certain how I am going to make it happen.”
“I know what I want, but don’t know who can help me.”

Many business owners prefer to tackle challenges on the go and that is acceptable. But there are many actions, efforts and decisions you need to take to make sure that your business reaches grand heights and success.

But do not become a slave in your own business – plan for your business’s success and follow through to make it happen.

Know what can kill your business

The business world today is extra tricky. Given the unpredictable way of the world and rapid modern changes, what seems right for your business now, might be a disaster tomorrow. A lot may seem out of your control, but what we tend to forget is what we do have control over.


  • 82% of small businesses experience cashflow problems (Source: Insurance Quotes)
  • 71% of small businesses fail due to management issues (Source: Failing Concerns)
  • 13% of small businesses collapse because they lose focus, while 7% are doomed by their failure to pivot. (Source: CBInsights)

Are these some of the issues you find yourself dealing with all too often? Sometimes it can be hard to catch a break because:

You get caught up with running the business every day that you lose sight of why you started the business and what you are seeking to achieve in the long term.
Things take a wrong turn if you do not oversee operations or step in everywhere to ensure the work is done.
You are nowhere near accomplishing the goals as per your initial or current plan.
Your business is taking away valuable time from your family, friends and personal life.
The results, revenue and income are not in line with your business goals and capabilities.

Now is the time for you to take action, not give up. The success of your business heavily depends on a business-success plan and executing it ASAP.

Prevent the downfall of your business by “Planning For Success” with Vibrant Business

DID YOU KNOW: 71% of fast-growing companies have plans. They set sales goals, create budgets and document their marketing and sales strategies among other significant things.

There are ways to ensure that you are on top of everything and your business takes the course that you desire.

So let’s take some time out to focus on the integral aspects of your business, review your past performance and map out what the future looks like for your amazing business.

Sometimes, it seems easier said than done. But with our new Planning For Success 8-week online course, we will draw up a business plan that will change your business game and implement it in line with your goals together, and with a supportive group of like-minded business owners.

In the Planning For Success 8-week course, you will:

Devise action plans for a better outcome going forward, especially in the coming months.
Discover what makes your business different and unique, which will lead you right to your ideal client.
Set aside the much needed time to focus just on your success and let go of trivial worries.
Acknowledge that you don’t have to do it all alone and you need a helping hand sometimes

Being a slave to your business only ends in burnout, inefficiencies, no vision, losing money and feeling out of control.

This is what you can expect if you do not take the reins RIGHT NOW.

What the Planning For Success 8-week course looks like

  • Set a clear direction for your business with personal and business goals for the next 12 months
  • Develop a 90-day critical action plan to address immediate issues and get you on the right path
  • Discover what makes your business different and unique, which will lead you right to your ideal client.
  • Streamline your processes and systems to maximise profits
  • Identify, categorise and prioritise your goals (that is, quick wins vs key projects)
  • Create strategies to achieve your goals within a set timeframe
  • Review the performance against targets and develop financial forecasts
  • Identify opportunities and vulnerabilities in your business – and plug the holes where money is escaping from your business
  • Identify Gross Revenue Targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Set aside the much needed time to focus just on your success and let go of trivial worries.

Get the right plan for your business!

First weekly ‘Live’ Webinar starts February 2021

You can join the course right now for $997 (available for a limited time) or you can opt for our payment plan at $333 per month for 3 months

3 x Monthly Payments of

  • 8 Modules of content to build your business plan to success
  • Weekly 1-hour webinars to guide and support you
  • Access to the Online Course and Facebook group for 12 months
  • BONUS 12 months Free entry into our private Mastermind Accountability Facebook Group with monthly online Group Accountability sessions.
  • BONUS One on One Accountability Session

Frequently Asked Questions abou the course

What kind of business industries does this course suit?

All business industries need a plan to succeed! If you want to grow, make more time for you and your family, and reduce stress, then this course is for you.

How does the course run?

The course is run over 8 weeks. There will be a content download available on the Monday of each week. We will be getting together live on Facebook (in a special and secret group) every Tuesday to go through the content and help you create your plan for success. The live content will remain in the Facebook group to re-watch at any time.

How do I access course materials?

You will be invited into a private Facebook group where you will access each week’s materials via the Learning Units within the group.

Can I do the course at my own pace?

Yes, you can! Even if you join after the start date or have to take a break during the course, the learning modules and the recorded lives are there for you to view at any time.

How many hours per week will I need to allocate to this course?

At most, it will be 2 hours per week.

Is there any homework?

Your own success is determined by the effort you put in.

Can I email/call/message you with questions?

We will have a question time every week during the 8 weeks in our live Facebook sessions. You can ask questions in the private Facebook group and bounce ideas off each other.
You can email or message me throughout the 8-week course with any questions. We will get together 1-on-1 after the end of the 8-week course for a Plan review and discuss your next steps.

I hate Facebook - can I still do the course?

Yes, you can still do the course; the content can be emailed to you. However, you will not get the benefit of the live video calls and the interaction within the Facebook group.

How long do I have access to the course?

You are with us for 12 months. After the 8 weeks, you will join our Planning for Success Mastermind group, which is an accountability group that will keep you motivated to complete or continue your plan to success.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. If, after the second-week content download, you don’t believe this course is for you, then we are happy to refund you the full cost of the course, LESS a $50 administration fee.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn

Given the kind of unpredictable times that we are dealing with, business owners like you and me are hit hard. But there is a way you can sail through this, and any other hurdle if you know what your next move should be. Do you know what your next move is?

Take the first step to lead your business to massive growth and success.

If you are a business owner learning the nitty gritty of running a business and steering it towards your end goals, this Planning For Success 8-week course is the boost that you need.

Are you ready to seize the day?


“I have attended many business and personal development workshops, so I didn’t expect to be wowed! They have created a concise, inspiring and engaging format packed with their specialised financial knowledge and business experience. They get right to the core of your business and their step by step process makes it simple to stay focused on your vision. I came away with a new mission statement and business plan I am passionate about. Brenda keeps you accountable throughout the program yet manage to keep things fun and fresh. I highly recommend this program to help you gain clarity and re-energise your business, so you enjoy going to work and celebrate your results.”

Lynda Kelly (Feb 2019 intake)

After a Full Day Business Overhaul Strategy session, he had this to say: “I have a totally different outlook and clarity around my business. I have just been winging it for the last 20 years and never had a business coach or a plan. This has given me an avenue to become more professional in my industry. Today’s session facilitated the ability to brainstorm current issues and think things through. Gave us time to work on the business not just in it. It also gave us an opportunity to look more closely at our numbers and understand them more thoroughly. Plus having Brenda as another set of eyes on our business was great. This was huge! “

Clifford Wilson – Clifford Wilson Mechanical Services

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